This Master’s Degree is designed to prepare the student for specific professional roles, which are characterized by a high level of competency in the biological issues, related to the conservation and the enhancement of cultural heritage.

Graduates will be able to find appropriate employment with public and private organizations in the fields of archeology, art history, library and museum sector, with the possibility of further career developments on a national and international scale.

The courses, seminars, and internships of the Master’s have been conceived with the intention of providing the necessary knowledge, methodologies, and instruments:

  • for the analysis of biological material in a heritage context to carry out investigative sampling and environment reconstruction;
  • for environmental planning in the context of archaeological sites and monuments;
  • for the analysis of problems regarding the biodeterioration of heritage sites;
  • for techniques for the prevention and control of biological damage in the museum environment as well as at heritage and archeological sites;
  • for conservation issues and the enhancement of historical gardens and parks, monuments, and archeological sites;
  • for the recognition of the intangible heritage patrimony connected to the natural environment